Аbout Terratons


Among the leading Bulgarian exporters of agricultural products, Terratons combines years of multinational corporate experience with deep local agricultural knowledge and connections run by the values of family business.

Bird feed, sunflower kernels and private label solutions, we are proud that we source from carefully selected long-term suppliers, our production process is owner-managed, and you’ll get the customer experience we’ve adopted as multinational sales experts.


Meet the team


Valentin Tonev

Has a record of more than 25 years of sourcing and international trade of various local agricultural products. Today Valentin is taking care of the supplier relations, securing long-term partnerships that enable us to commit to volumes and price levels way ahead of regular negotiations period and deliver even in case of product scarcity. Over the years we have managed to keep daily production operations under Valentin’s direct control to ensure smooth and compliant process.


Svilen Tonev

Contributes to the company development by his innovative approach and more than 15 years of experience in multinational companies in various industries. Svilen has remained the client point of contact since the establishment of the company in order to personally enhance customer experience excellence and drive innovations and business development.


Production plant team and administration

As a family run company, we highly value our people. Our efforts to build a friendly environment, balanced work-life culture and personal development opportunities rank us among the preferred employers in the region with low attrition rate.


Company history


The company was established by father and son Tonevs back in 2004 as a producer of sunflower seeds followed by years of sustainable growth, specialization in trade and diversification of business lines.


2021 - Today, we cover a wide portfolio of products sourced by reliable long-term partners and serve our clients across Europe keeping the flexibility and high quality of a family run business.  

2017 – Terratons was proudly ranked among the top 10 fastest growing small and mid-sized companies in Bulgaria.

2016 – We started a new business line of bakery production with own facilities for cleaning, calibrating and color-sorting of bakery and chips;

2015 – We finalized a project of complete renovation of our production plant;

2014 – Based on the long-term relations and trust with our clients, we introduced private label concept preparing retail-ready products.  

2013 – Following years of stable growth, we further expanded our production plant facilities;

2007 – With the growth of our client base, we started introducing additional products to our core portfolio of striped sunflower seeds, like: millet seeds, sorghum, black sunflower seeds, coriander.

2006 – We purchased and renovated our current production plant in Yakimovo with facilities for cleaning and packaging of sunflower seeds;

2005 – We expanded operations to sourcing from other local producers of sunflower seeds to serve the growing demand of our clients in Europe;

2004 – We established Terratons as an agricultural producer;